Assistant Conductor Application

Responsibilities for Assistant Conductor

Thank you for your interest in the Assistant Conductor (AC) opportunity with the Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra. In order to be considered for the position you should be enrolled at a University or Conservatory of Music, and be majoring, or have successfully completed a degree, in orchestral conducting, choral conducting, or music education. 

Prospective candidates will be invited to interview for the position. The interview process would involve sitting for a short written examination of musical knowledge, an interview with the Artistic Director (AD), board president, and two orchestra representatives and conducting an ensemble of piano plus four string instruments. Repertoire will be announced two weeks prior to the interview. 

 Once successful candidate(s) has/have been identified, they would be asked to commit to a specific set of requirements, namely:

  • Meeting with the AD for two one-hour sessions prior to the first rehearsal of each concert to work on current repertoire. Repertoire for each concert cycle must be fully learned. 

  • Attend all first Monday rehearsals of each cycle, conducting all repertoire (except works with soloists) at the penultimate Monday rehearsal—in other words two Mondays before the concert. This is to ensure that repertoire is learned, and that the AC is fully prepared to conduct in the event that the AD is unavailable.

  • Lead one sectional rehearsal for each concert. Currently the orchestra divides into strings, and winds and brass, at the fourth rehearsal of each cycle.

  • Attend all Wednesday dress rehearsals at the Brooklyn Museum.

  • Attend every concert, and be prepared to conduct each concert in the event that the AD is indisposed.

  • The successful candidate(s) would co-ordinate an assessment process with the AD and with their teacher.

Benefits of the AC program

The Assistant Conductorship is an unpaid internship program of one year’s duration. A young conductor who completes this process would have learnt, by the end of the year, more than a dozen works, and had an opportunity to conduct all of them – in rehearsal – with the stated exception of works with soloists (concertos and solo vocal works).

With the AD’s approval, and a revue by the orchestra, the AC may be offered, either in the following or some subsequent year, the opportunity to appear as a guest conductor for a full program. 

The role of the Assistant Conductor has been formalized to provide a working and educational environment that works in all parties’ best interests. We also feel that there will be greater commitment to the orchestra from a candidate who is still engaged in formal study. 


Please send a letter of interest, describing your experience to date, the benefit you see, both for yourself and for the orchestra, by your participation, and a brief overview of your own long-term career goals. 

Include one letter of recommendation from a current academic or professional adviser, and the names and contact information (phone number and e-mail address) of two referees who can attest to your preparedness and ability to commit to the program.

Include links to two video examples of your conducting. While orchestral conducting is preferable, choral conducting examples will be accepted. One of your samples should show your rehearsal style. 

Your application should be complete and submitted by Monday, May 20, 2019.  Applicants who meet the requirements will be invited to interview in mid-June. 

Your application should be submitted via this form: